Mondraghi THE ORIGINAL Collection

Full grain leather is the finest leather on the market. Here at Mondraghi, we chose tan pit tanning: a leather processing method based on natural tannins. This traditional and green, method combines ancient recipes and technological innovation, something in which Italians are masters!
This kind of leather is very natural; any uneven part is not a defect, but rather a guarantee of its authenticity.

A premium and sturdy material, excellent for anyone looking for a fine product. Full grain leather is soft, silky and long-lasting.

Just like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

Mondraghi SAFFIANO Collection

For those who love more complex textures, Saffiano leather is the right choice.

In this type of manufacturing, calfskin is printed and pigmented. It is defined by its typical diagonally “scratched” look, which made it appreciated and sought-after by fashion designers and famous fashion companies.

Saffiano leather is very sturdy, waterproof and scratch resistant.

Particularly popular amongst luxury lovers, it is employed to create high-end accessories.

Mondraghi RACING Collection

In this type of manufacturing, leather is printed with the typical carbon fibre pattern, making it light and sturdy looking.

It is widely used in the sports and technology sector