What is RFID protection?

Debit cards, social security card, ID card, credit cards: our wallets are filled with cards with a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chip that allows us to pay by simply swiping our card over a device or scanner, without having to physically insert it in a reader.

This new system to transmit information is surely handy and quick; however, like in many new technologies, our data security is at risk.

The Mondraghi card holder secures your data via a RFID protection that prevents thieves from scanning your data.

How does Mondraghi RFID protection work?

Radio waves can be stopped and blocked, to prevent credit cards from being cloned. Mondraghi® patented card holder is equipped with a microchip and an antenna that activates when any radio waves try to steal sensitive data from our cards. When it activates, the antenna creates a signal that interferes with the other radio waves, and blocks electromagnetic fields, preventing any communication between your cards and the RFID scanner.

Mondraghi® built-in card blocking technology is one of the most innovative on the market: the built-in antenna is triggered when the potential hijacker's scanner is at 2.5 cm from your card holder, in all directions, while most of the popular technology are triggered only at a very close distance (a few millimetres) and are often unidirectional, e.g. they can only protect your card holder in one direction. This makes a huge difference: It’s as if Mondraghi® was protected inside a sphere that prevents any potential hijacker from scanning your cards.